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Optical Brightener For Detergent Industry

Although laundering with normal detergents will help in the restoration of its shine, yet it does not helps in improving the brightness and whiteness of the solid white fabrics. Keeping this aspect in mind, we offer Optical Brightener for Detergent Industry that helps in enhancing the total spectral radiance resulting in excellent brightness and cleanliness. This being the reason, the detergents of today's generation include Optical Brightener as an active ingredient to getter cleaner and whiter clothes. These work by converting invisible ultraviolet radiations into the visible light that causes the fibers of the fabric to emit broader area of visible light by enhancing its brightness.

Key points:

  • Different kinds of fabric can be treated using this additive as it is colorless in nature

  • Renders high stability and compatibility with different chemicals

  • The mentioned range possesses lower boiling and melting point

  • Always follow the instructions listed on the label while handling

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